Monthly Archives: October 2010

the HYPE Framework

What more can be said about Joshua Davis. The guy is a genius.

So when I found out the Hype Framework came from the combined effort of him and Branden Hall, another genius technologist, I had to give it a shot.

The premise is simple, give simple access to seemingly hard concepts for designers and programmers alike and see what they can come up with. Classes such as VariableVibration and SimpleRhythm that make random motion and timing of events super simple.

The first time I got to see it at work was actually during Flash And The City during Stacey Mulcahy’s histerical presentation. She took random tweets, ran the text through a text-to-speech API and then took the sound data and displayed it with HYPE. It was super neat.

I hope I have more time to play in the future, rarely have enough time to even sleep with work and freelance lately. Here’s something I threw together in a few minutes for my boys at typcut. Click it to reset the circles and create new ones.