My name is Anthony Tripaldi and im a mid-20s-crisis Flash Developer in jolly old Brooklyn, NYC. I’ve ¬†been programming for about 3 or 4 years now since my first internship and – get this – I actually enjoy it. I currently work for LBi, the newly formed stateside presence of the extremely popular European agency.

As for my hobbies (read:passion), i REALLY love skiing. It encompasses my every waking/sleeping thought (when I’m not on a deadline) and Colorado has become my favorite continental destination.

Eventually I might move there (or to Argentina per the girlfriend’s suggestion) but for now I’m perfectly content with New York. Honestly, I can enjoy living anywhere as long as I’m with good people and within reasonable distance to snow covered mountains.

Back to the reality, if you are in need of a semi-professional reasonably talented hard working flash dev, hit me up at anthony.tripaldi@gmail.com and I’ll see what we can work out. Always up for a challenge. Peace and love.

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