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CBS Around the World For Free – success!

And so my life can begin again!

Told ya I was super busy, and now I’m finally done. Spent the last 3 months working with Robotlegs for the first time, and I gotta say, I was super happy that I learned it cuz now I don’t think I’ll ever use another framework (implying that i’ve ever used another framework haha). Regardless, check out the site by clicking on the screenshot below!

CBS Around the World

Long story short – Jeff Schroeder from Big Brother and the Amazing Race is going to spend 100 days traveling around the world “for free”. Our application tracks him in pseudo real time throughout his individual ‘journeys’. His path is drawn onto the map using GPS data from twitter, tweetphoto, his digital cam photo uploads, and a GPS Locator which is represented by the blue dot on the map of his current journey.

Users can create accounts with CBS, log into the application, and place tips/photos on the map to tell him where to go, as well as message Jeff directly if they want to meet up and show him around an area, give him a ride somewhere, etc. Jeff has to rely heavily on his fans and this site to get around.

It was alot of fun to work on this project, and it’s truly gratifying to hear how happy the execs at CBS are. Plus we got 29,000 unique hits on launch day Monday! Super stoked about it all. But more importantly, with the free time I’m going to have (i forgot what its like!) hopefully I’ll get some more experiments up here and keep content updated a little more regularly.

Ohh, also launched Neutrogena Wave microsite last week, another reason I’ve been so busy, go play the games and lemme know what you think. It was kind of a rush project but i think it’s pretty cool.

Till next time!